Re: RE: Try listening to the real ideas and ignore vitriolic attacks

From: James J. Rovira <>
Date: Thu Feb 27 2003 - 14:01:57 EST

I think the point here would be to listen to, say, Will's real ideas and judge them on their own merit, rather than listening to someone else's misrepresentative attack on them. Even then, of course, the attack can have some merit, but its merit can only be judged if you've listened to the original ideas to begin with.


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Who decides what is a real idea and not a vitriolic attack? Of course the
individual will do this but it does require listening and thinking first
which I assume everyone on this list is capable of doing for themselves.
John has his crankiness but he has much value to add, I try not to let my
thin skin close my ears and I try not to let anything get in the way of
communication be it mine or another's, it does not mean I agree or not it
just means that interaction on all levels are the zest of life. Look at
Jerome, a cuss of a bastard with something interesting to say. Maybe some
people feel like John because there is a widow's mite of truth in it. If it
makes anyone on this list feel better they are welcome to give my posts


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