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Date: Fri Jan 03 2003 - 08:04:49 EST


I'm sorry. I sure don't want to confuse you or anyone with my "jargon."
Let's see if I can explain such a difficult phrase clearly.

Daniel wrote that Derrida "burns down the house."

I wrote that Daniel was "simply wrong" and pointed out that he cited nothing
in support of this silly claim and that it was an inaccurate generalization.

I wrote that Derrida insists on "the maintenance of the archive."

"Maintenance" means he wants to keep it, to "maintain" it, *not* to burn it

The "archive" is what Daniel was referring to as the "house." Sorry if my
word was more "jargonesque" than his.

I have offered several citations from Derrida in the past where he says
precisely this, by the way.

Hope that makes things a little bit clearer.

As to the "seriousness" of "gestures".... Well, that's another topic, but
I'd think you might know something about that.

Yours (sans any gesture)


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