Re: Feral Cats and cimarron (sigh)

From: Jim Rovira <>
Date: Fri Jan 03 2003 - 10:28:27 EST

Thanks for the reply, John. I should probably reread Grammatology
sometime. I think I'd get more of it this time around.


PS I had the privilege of floating in the same fishbowl as Matt K, Tim,
and Cecilia last night -- a NYC sized fishbowl :). Totally cool... wrote:

> Daniel, I think it was, writes:
> "People like Derrida appear to see the problem but go to far, they
> burn down
> their own house."
> This is simply wrong. And, as usual, there are no texts cited as
> examples.
> Of course, this is only a mailing list. Perhaps one shouldn't expect
> careful thought or specific reading to take the place of gross
> generalization and simple inaccuracy. Let the silliness continue.
> --John
> PS: Jim, even in *Grammatology* Derrida insists on the maintenance of
> the archive as part of the deconstructive gesture. Displacement burns
> down nothing and even the early D. is careful to distinguish himself
> from Heidegger.

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