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Date: Mon Jan 06 2003 - 17:52:34 EST

Nah, I think in this case the "or" really is you, not necessarily them.
 I can't tell you what's important to you. We can argue about what's
important in general. Quite a few intelligent people throughout history
-- more intelligent than either of us -- have held the discipline of
philosophy in pretty high regard. If you want to know what Lewis
thought at the end of his life, I suggest you read _The Discarded
Image_. He hardly disparages philosophy (in some ways it sounds like one
of the great loves of his life...along with literature), and even
anticipates more recent developments pretty accurately...

This is not to say that we have to hold any individual philosophy in any
regard. But if we want to knock it, we should know what we're talking
about. For as much as you reject philosophy, you don't fail to engage
in it, Daniel.


Yocum Daniel GS 21 CES/CEOE wrote:

>Not everything is everyone's cup o' tea :). If you don't appreciate
>these that a statement about them or you? Lewis had a
>higher opinion of the history of philosophy, you know...
>Concerning Lewis, maybe in his youth but later I am not so sure. Looking at
>the quote above, that -or- really sticks out. I have a friend who is a
>great artist and a janitor and we were talking about something I wrote and I
>don't know where he got it but he said that there are or's in the world but
>there are more ands. Ever since, every time I see or hear an or I think of
>what he said. I think the world tends to be more an and world. It is a
>statement about me AND them. There are ors but they are white tigers,
>pretty damn rare. Now, I am not saying that there is infinite meaning just
>that there are options that some people choose to ignore. In philosophy
>concerning language there appears to be two ditches and a slough of hybrids.
>The bastard ditch of infinite meaning and no author and the word for meaning
>equation ditch. Some philosophers lie along one shoulder or the other, the
>rode is wide enough to accommodate humans but not so wide that it is no
>different then an open field. (yes Derrida's Differance just floated through
>my mind). Maybe in Derrida's Nutshell he hit the other guard rail. Now
>some philosophers 'pushing the envelope' maybe jumping the rail and those
>are the bodies on the side of the road, I saw Nietzsche a few miles back.
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