Re: the blessings of ignorance

From: Kevin Carter <>
Date: Tue Jan 07 2003 - 10:20:50 EST

> Is it possible a more 'respectful reading' (as John so frequently
> recommends) of Mein Kampf would shed the kind of light I've
> so far missed on the justification for Auschwitz?

As an high school AP Literature student who is constantly required to assume
reverential tone which elevates the author to the level of god, I certainly
understand -- and at my relatively low level of study, I tend to concur
with -- your position on this issue, mostly due to the bitter taste that
it's left in my mouth. I was wondering, however, if it might be proper at
this point in the authorial intent debate to invoke Godwin's Law. For more
information, check out I'll
repeat the most pragmatic part of the FAQ here:

"1. If someone brings up Nazis in general conversation when it wasn't
necessary or germane without it necessarily being an insult, it's probably
about time for the thread to end."


"3. If someone brings up Nazis in any conversation that has been going on
too long for one of the parties, it can be used as a fair excuse to end the
thread and declare victory for the other side."

While I'm not sure if the law applies to e-mail groups, I thought it might
be good for a little comic break in the debate that will continue regardless
of the invocation.


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