blessings and/or ignorance

From: Yocum Daniel GS 21 CES/CEOE <>
Date: Tue Jan 07 2003 - 12:51:14 EST

I started and finished Jim Powell's Derrida book last night, as well as read
some of Derrida's stuff and well my opinion hasn't changed (Scottie, that
must be some mighty powerful praying) but I make my exit with my soul
intact, a little soiled, but intact. I guess that's to be expectected if
you bump into a frenchman. Nothing that a good submersion in nice clean
water can't cure. In the process of reading I have collected quite a few
notes and I won't bother you with them, they even have quotes (did you hear
that John, but no footnotes). I have overstated the feral and I do see the
value in some philosophy Jim. The feral is more the whimsy or textured mind
of the poet and does not apply generally, its a special case like a line is
a special case of a polynomial, oh well. I can say for Derrida, atleast, it
has an imagination. One of the interesting things about this is that I
would read some Derrida and I would note my impressions and later in my
reading those impressions would be echoed in some one elses critical
commentary of him. Like the corrida, I find more value in other labors and
diversions. Derrida can have his decentered margins, in a very Pattonesque
way, I'll hold the Center. I'll assume the roll of the good soldier and
with weapon in hand, quite the stable presence, I'll fix the meaning. (a
lassoo around all those fine cimarron beefs).


 .. We need to address them, to disagree with them or account for
them, they're so compelling.

But that's difficult to see until you understand them...


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