Re: blessings and/or ignorance

From: James Rovira <>
Date: Tue Jan 07 2003 - 12:54:41 EST

At least you made the effort .... :) Good for you.


Yocum Daniel GS 21 CES/CEOE wrote:

>I started and finished Jim Powell's Derrida book last night, as well as read
>some of Derrida's stuff and well my opinion hasn't changed (Scottie, that
>must be some mighty powerful praying) but I make my exit with my soul
>intact, a little soiled, but intact. I guess that's to be expectected if
>you bump into a frenchman. Nothing that a good submersion in nice clean
>water can't cure. In the process of reading I have collected quite a few
>notes and I won't bother you with them, they even have quotes (did you hear
>that John, but no footnotes). I have overstated the feral and I do see the
>value in some philosophy Jim. The feral is more the whimsy or textured mind
>of the poet and does not apply generally, its a special case like a line is
>a special case of a polynomial, oh well. I can say for Derrida, atleast, it
>has an imagination. One of the interesting things about this is that I
>would read some Derrida and I would note my impressions and later in my
>reading those impressions would be echoed in some one elses critical
>commentary of him. Like the corrida, I find more value in other labors and
>diversions. Derrida can have his decentered margins, in a very Pattonesque
>way, I'll hold the Center. I'll assume the roll of the good soldier and
>with weapon in hand, quite the stable presence, I'll fix the meaning. (a
>lassoo around all those fine cimarron beefs).
> .. We need to address them, to disagree with them or account for
>them, they're so compelling.
>But that's difficult to see until you understand them...
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