Re: back swot on a British snot

From: Matt Kozusko <>
Date: Tue Jan 28 2003 - 11:55:52 EST

Yocum Daniel GS 21 CES/CEOE wrote:

> I guess when all you have is cricket
> and english cuisine, books are that much more important.

You've not recently had a good, Oxford-style sandwich: fresh ciabatta
bread, grain mustard, avocado, lemon juice, real cheese, Branston's
pickle... Morton's! Harvey's! Pret-a-Manger! And I'll take Ask Cafe
over Bennigan's any day.

And then there's the Indian food. And the fact that nobody looks at you
funny if you drink wine with lunch.

Of course, I can't say much in defense of Cricket. Would the British
had left blue jeans to us and adopted American football instead.

Il n'y a pas de hors texte,
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