Re: Holden, back to school!

From: John Gedsudski <>
Date: Fri Feb 21 2003 - 18:01:37 EST

>That's it. I'm back to my status of lurker.
>Bye, and sorry for my enduring bad English.

First of all, I implore you, do not go back to the status of a lurker.
There are far too many lurkers in the world, and we surely have our share of
them on this list (Maybe Tim could provide me with an official membership
fishhead count)too many people lying in the plush bed of mediocrity. Men and
women of quiet ambition, like some obese Mid Western inbred sitting under
the transcedental light of the evening news and engrossed by the hand
movements of Mr. Rumsfeld.
No, not here. Not now.
I get a percent increase in personal satisfaction each time a lurker speaks
out. You will be glad to know that your truly was once a lurker, an
impartial observer, an objective critic, and an altogether amiable man.
Then, I decided it would be easier to blunt my perceptions with a steady
supply of ether,including both the prissy tipple and the legendary solvent.
So then I started to enjoy activities I had once lost pleasure in and my
sleep problems were solved.
No green and white pills were needed.

Cecelia I wanted to read that reply about Salinger and women.

Jim when you look for social commentary why on God's green Earth would you
ever consider my words?

Kim please keep digging for Salinger artifacts and please watch out for that
giant marble behind you.

Will I am hurt you are ignoring my concerns about Salinger and how he DID
NOT appeal to his readers after 1955.

Scottie, be all you can be.

Daniel I am carefully wording my response to your question about the mention
of urinals in De Damier-Smith's Blue Period.

Omlor, who do you love? You love a car.

MAtthew, there's no knowledge like a laymans knowledge.

Tim, have you ever read those Phoenix entries? I saw them described on the
website but if you want to acquire them just ask. They are a hoot.


John Gedsudski
Adjunct Professor of Authenticity
Philistia Community College
501 Waggery Drive

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