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From: Valérie ARON <>
Date: Sun Feb 23 2003 - 12:08:54 EST

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> >That's it. I'm back to my status of lurker.
> >Bye, and sorry for my enduring bad English.
> First of all, I implore you, do not go back to the status of a lurker.
> There are far too many lurkers in the world, and we surely have our share
> them on this list (Maybe Tim could provide me with an official membership
> fishhead count)too many people lying in the plush bed of mediocrity. Men
> women of quiet ambition, like some obese Mid Western inbred sitting under
> the transcedental light of the evening news and engrossed by the hand
> movements of Mr. Rumsfeld.

Thanks for this encouraging post (I could also thank you for "this spiritual
post", but that would be the most commonplace thing to say about you,
right?). And the comparison with some obese Mid Western inbred was
appropriate: apparently, it evokes the same image in the US and here, on
the other side of the Atlantic.

Your sincere lurker,
Valérie Aron

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