In defense of lurkers

From: Walter Froese <>
Date: Fri Feb 21 2003 - 20:15:28 EST

Dear Professor...I may be an obese and inbred lurker but I'll be damned if
I'll let you call me mid-western. With that emphatic and effective defense
of lurkers everywhere, I'm just going to crawl back to my recliner enclosed
with plastic sheeting and duct tape for a dose of reality TV and crack open
a liter of soda pop....then to end my day, fall asleep reading the recently
highly recommended pages of Hapworth (I have heard its priceless)...Walter

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>That's it. I'm back to my status of lurker.
>Bye, and sorry for my enduring bad English.

First of all, I implore you, do not go back to the status of a lurker.
There are far too many lurkers in the world, and we surely have our share of
them on this list (Maybe Tim could provide me with an official membership
fishhead count)too many people lying in the plush bed of mediocrity. Men and
women of quiet ambition, like some obese Mid Western inbred sitting under
the transcedental light of the evening news and engrossed by the hand
movements of Mr. Rumsfeld.
No, not here. Not now.
I get a percent increase in personal satisfaction each time a lurker speaks
out. You will be glad to know that your truly was once a lurker, an
impartial observer, an objective critic, and an altogether amiable man.
Then, I decided it would be easier to blunt my perceptions with a steady
supply of ether,including both the prissy tipple and the legendary solvent.
So then I started to enjoy activities I had once lost pleasure in and my
sleep problems were solved.
No green and white pills were needed.

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