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I just had to post a reply to this and let John know that I thoroughly enjoyed
his post. It made me smile at at time when I'm not smiling much. Anyway.
Since it seems I am a permanent lurker in my own right, I will let you all
know that I am proudly reading my advanced copy of Pattern Recognition by
William Gibson, autographed by the same. I will post my thoughts on this if
it is wished upon completion.
What CPUs best define you?
haha, I'll explain later...

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>Dear Professor...I may be an obese and inbred lurker but I'll be damned if
>I'll let you call me mid-western. With that emphatic and effective defense
>of lurkers everywhere, I'm just going to crawl back to my recliner enclosed
>with plastic sheeting and duct tape for a dose of reality TV and crack open
>a liter of soda pop....then to end my day, fall asleep reading the recently
>highly recommended pages of Hapworth (I have heard its priceless)...Walter
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>>That's it. I'm back to my status of lurker.
>>Bye, and sorry for my enduring bad English.
>First of all, I implore you, do not go back to the status of a lurker.
>There are far too many lurkers in the world, and we surely have our share of
>them on this list (Maybe Tim could provide me with an official membership
>fishhead count)too many people lying in the plush bed of mediocrity. Men and
>women of quiet ambition, like some obese Mid Western inbred sitting under
>the transcedental light of the evening news and engrossed by the hand
>movements of Mr. Rumsfeld.
>No, not here. Not now.
>I get a percent increase in personal satisfaction each time a lurker speaks
>out. You will be glad to know that your truly was once a lurker, an
>impartial observer, an objective critic, and an altogether amiable man.
>Then, I decided it would be easier to blunt my perceptions with a steady
>supply of ether,including both the prissy tipple and the legendary solvent.
>So then I started to enjoy activities I had once lost pleasure in and my
>sleep problems were solved.
>No green and white pills were needed.
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