RE: In defense of lurkers

From: Tim O'Connor <>
Date: Sun Feb 23 2003 - 10:44:19 EST

> Since it seems I am a permanent lurker in my own right, I will
>let you all
> know that I am proudly reading my advanced copy of Pattern
>Recognition by
> William Gibson, autographed by the same. I will post my
>thoughts on this if
> it is wished upon completion.
> What CPUs best define you?
> haha, I'll explain later...

I read Pattern Recognition a few weeks ago and while I wasn't
really a Gibson fan before (his style irks me and I don't become
engaged by his stories), I liked this one a lot.

CPUs for me ... I like the ones in the book. Pretty good idea
of what to travel with.

I confess that the heroine's involvement with F:F:F was
precisely the way I think some people, myself included in the
past, have dealt with bananafish.

I'm far behind in responses here, having started a new job a
month ago and been consumed by it. The only time I can manage
to deal with this list is quiet times, like Sunday mornings.
But I will try to go through recent messages and answer
questions that have come up.

So sorry for the disappearance.


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