Re: Holden, back to school!

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Date: Sat Feb 22 2003 - 08:53:04 EST

Hey there John G.,

I saw my last name appear on your list and thought I'd wave hello.

You write:

"Omlor, who do you love? You love a car."

Indeed I do. For many reasons. I love a game, too, even when the putts
aren't falling. I love my job as well, even when the students don't read. I
love too many books and movies and too much music to count. There are even
certain chemical compounds and mixtures of which I am very fond. And then
there are the people, but that's private. In any case, despite the old song,
the real question that lingers is... should that be "whom?" I never get that

All the best,

--John (who has never owned a roll of duct tape, but now lives in the land of
"duct and cover")

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