From: kelly davis <>
Date: Fri Feb 21 2003 - 13:21:50 EST

sir, yes, sir, etc
I keep envisioning a very Catch 22 (particularly from the film)
Greetings from a not so clandestine, just a bit undeterminable,
location somewhere near,
(what would be called Home of The Fish Paste Breath Peoples,
if it weren't for their extraordinary Diamond Eyes) Bergen, Norway -
a much more delightful and attractive version of Children of the Damned.
But only a very temporary outpost - We mustn't reveal all our boring
secrets at once.

I just enlisted and am reporting for duty in The Salinger Corps.
I took the liberty, somewhat perfunctory really, of filling the
soapdishes in every washbasin in barracks X, Y, Z with extra dry
martini-scented soap (each bar complete with an olive, sans pimento,
suspended dead center like Captain America in the iceberg waiting to
thaw and fight off the germs of the earth or at least the epidermal

I have very limited net access (shudder at the thought in these times)
at the moment and would very much appreciate an answer to the following

How old was J.D. when he started his State of Reclusification?
(I myself am considering hiding out in a bunker to finish my next opus)

Also, and not as deadly important really :
Is it true that the longest sentence without a comma or conjuction
extends over 500 words
and was written on a roll of non-perforated toilet paper
by a very literate prisoner in the early 1900's
or is that just not an accurate memory of an epsiode of Ripley's

let us build sand castles in the air !

-- Private Kelly (remember Combat?)

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