RE: Try listening to the real ideas and ignore vitriolic attacks

From: Yocum Daniel GS 21 CES/CEOE <>
Date: Thu Feb 27 2003 - 13:45:44 EST

 i'd like to go on record as seconding the above
subject line.



        in reading personal attacks, i find they weaken any
ideas or positions that also might be present in the
post. sort of counter-producitve, to say the least.


Who decides what is a real idea and not a vitriolic attack? Of course the
individual will do this but it does require listening and thinking first
which I assume everyone on this list is capable of doing for themselves.
John has his crankiness but he has much value to add, I try not to let my
thin skin close my ears and I try not to let anything get in the way of
communication be it mine or another's, it does not mean I agree or not it
just means that interaction on all levels are the zest of life. Look at
Jerome, a cuss of a bastard with something interesting to say. Maybe some
people feel like John because there is a widow's mite of truth in it. If it
makes anyone on this list feel better they are welcome to give my posts


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