Re: Neat? No?

Subject: Re: Neat? No?
Date: Thu Jan 24 2002 - 08:51:29 GMT

Hi Scottie,

Wing tips are shoes businessmen wear. They are usually black or brown dress
shoes that have little holes punched in them in a design and the
punchole-pattern on the front tips of the shoes forms a wing of sorts. They
are very common among the corporate class and were often identified with the
"Gray Flannel Suit" company man of the forties and fifties and they've never
gone away.

My father still wears them whenever he goes out to a place he can't wear
sneakers (although there aren't many of those here in Florida).

As a child I remember picking them up and thinking they were much too heavy
for shoes. I still think that. That's why you'll only ever find me in a
pair of black-on-black, low top, Chuck Taylor All-Stars (or a pair of
Foot-Joy black on white, waterproof golf shoes when necessary).

Oh yes, wing tips are very big in golf shoes, still. But they're not for me.

All the best,


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