Re: the true first 'seymour'?

From: John P Baumgardner <>
Date: Tue Jan 28 2003 - 09:05:15 EST

It is oh so hard for a serious reader not to collect books. When I moved
to within 2 blocks of a library I swore I'd never buy a new book again.
But I didn't often buy books at B&N for myself anyway, and so I have yet to
use the interlibrary loan system. I guess half of the joy is in the hunt.
When I walk in to a used bookstore I haven't been to in awhile, I'm
paralyzed with excitement. It takes me a minute to clear my head and
decide what to look for first. Nothing better than walking out with 4
great books for $12.
As far as the rare and signed and 1st Eds? I'd much rather buy several
beat up paperbacks that will entertain me for weeks (and extra copies make
great gifts for any or no occasion), than a book that I would be afraid to
open. But if you keep your eyes open, you can find a jewel here or there
for nothing. I recently picked up a 1st Ed. of Jaws for 50 cents at a flea
market. Now that's makes a book worm's day! And I enjoy having it
infinitely more than if I paid 50 bucks for it.

John Baumgardner

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Like Jim, I'm a sucker for signed copies of books. I especially like
those hardbound first editions. I'm not about to get rich quickly
with my bookshelves, but I do think that rare books (signed or
unsigned first editions) will do nothing but increase in value. At
least that's what I tell my wife when I need some cash. ;)will

           Will Hochman
Associate Professor of English
Southern Connecticut State University
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