From: Scottie Bowman <rbowman@indigo.ie>
Date: Tue Jan 28 2003 - 03:55:29 EST

    There's a dreadful, pervasive air on this list of self-preening
    that WE are READERS - more civilised altogether than
    the generality in the way we treasure BOOKS.

    I lead a not particularly sheltered life & meet a fair cross
    section of the population, yet can think of hardly anyone
    of my acquaintance who, when you ask them, doesn't have
    some book or other on the go. It may be a Mills & Boon
    romance, or The Anatomy of Melancholy, or Danielle Steele,
    or Eugenie Grandet - but something. Stories seem to be
    as necessary for the human organism as air. Why make such
    a fetish of them?

    Or are the rumours true that the Yanks have largely given
    all that up now & spend their evenings watching games
    on television while bloating on hamburgers & fizzy drinks?

    Sourpuss B.

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