Thomas Mann

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> Have any of you ever had a book that you just instantly clicked with?
> Catcher in the Rye was one of mine.  Another was A Seperate Peace by
> John
> Knowles (which I read before Catcher but now recognize as a distinctly
> Salingeresque piece of literature).
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  There is a short story by Thomas Mann that shows the same unbelievable
compassion for its characters that much of JDS's fiction does.  The first
time I read it, it pulled at me the same way that the Nine Stories do. The
title in German is "Das Gluck", which translates literally as "The
Happiness" or "Luck."  But I think when it shows up in English translation
anthologies, the title has been altered.  Alas, I can't remember what that
other title is!  The story is roughly about a young Viennese (I think) 
army wife married to a conceited and entirely over-flirtatious officer,
and the connection this woman makes with one of the young singers/dancers
that her husband is flirting with...  It's a beautiful story - I highly
recommend it!
- Rebecca