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Subject: Re: Honeymoon?
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Date: Mon Oct 16 2000 - 13:01:31 GMT

On Wed, 11 Oct 2000 21:14:16 CDT Cecilia Baader
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> scout thompson wrote:
> >

> >By this I'm reminded of his brother in Uncle Wiggly who punches his
> >fist through a window in order to be fair, upon the happy news
> >that his wife is pregnant.
> I'm missing something here. I don't remember a pregnancy at all, I remember
> a twisted ankle and Walt's joke. Ergo Uncle Wiggly. Care to clarify?
I don't have a copy of the book here at the moment, but I think Scout
may be slightly confused. As I rememeber it, Walt sticks his hand out
of the train window (into the cold) because he has his other hand on
Eloise's stomach. I don't think that there is really any hint that she
is pregnant, and she was certainly not his wife. The basic idea is
right though, the pleasure / pain balance (cf. current Muller yoghurt
adverts!). Maybe I have missed something, though. Having first read
"for Esme" (yes, yes, I mean Nine Stories) at quite a young age I do
seem to screen certain ideas out.

Love, Lucy-Ruth

LR Pearson, Arts 99

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