Re: 'the pale Nazarene'?

From: Tim O'Connor <>
Date: Sun Feb 23 2003 - 11:08:42 EST

> unless the caption is wrong, is this not our own
> j.d.s. catching some rays on some undisclosed
> (florida?) beach???

This is indeed the real thing. In an event straight out of
(pick your genre) fiction, a few years ago a couple of snapshots
showed up at my door, so to speak. The sender had them because
the girl in the picture (not always included in copies that make
it online, and definitely cropped out of this one) was his aunt,
who dated JD for some time down in Florida. JDS bears an
uncanny resemblance to Seymour, swimming trunks, towel, pale
skin, and all. By the way, if you look at the fine print, this
picture was picked up by the web index from exactly here!

        Bananafish Archives, November 2001

... though it was not put here by me. (I'd promised to keep
them to myself.) The owner sent them to me because he thought
I'd appreciate them. Which I did. But I guess they made their
way out by other means.

Yes, this list does resemble a large plot device in William
Gibson's Pattern Recognition. Yes, indeed.

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