Re: swots

From: Kim Johnson <>
Date: Tue Jan 28 2003 - 12:33:40 EST

--- Scottie Bowman <> wrote:
> There's a dreadful, pervasive air on this list
> of self-preening
> that WE are READERS - more civilised altogether
> than
> the generality in the way we treasure BOOKS.

more correctly (in america, at least) we are FREAKS.

especially off the campuses, anyone interested in
literature is a freak.

or, well, just a library-card-carrying member of a
very tiny tiny minority.

try striking up a conversation in the breakroom about
literature, compared with, say, one about sports.

(the sports crowd, ever-swelling, has its own fetishes
and rituals--even the explosion of 'sports

maybe booking collecting ain't so reprehensible.


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