Re: swots

From: James Rovira <>
Date: Tue Jan 28 2003 - 10:32:19 EST

Thank God Scottie's here to model humility for us all :).

Of course everyone reads. Well, most people. A few of them on are this
list talking about themselves as readers. Nothing self preening about

Being a collector is another thing entirely. what? I don't
need to be a collector to be a reader. My collection isn't that great
compared to some people's on this list. It's something I enjoy. Other
people do too. We like to talk about it.

Big deal :)


Scottie Bowman wrote:

> There's a dreadful, pervasive air on this list of self-preening
> that WE are READERS - more civilised altogether than
> the generality in the way we treasure BOOKS.
> I lead a not particularly sheltered life & meet a fair cross
> section of the population, yet can think of hardly anyone
> of my acquaintance who, when you ask them, doesn't have
> some book or other on the go. It may be a Mills & Boon
> romance, or The Anatomy of Melancholy, or Danielle Steele,
> or Eugenie Grandet - but something. Stories seem to be
> as necessary for the human organism as air. Why make such
> a fetish of them?
> Or are the rumours true that the Yanks have largely given
> all that up now & spend their evenings watching games
> on television while bloating on hamburgers & fizzy drinks?
> Sourpuss B.
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