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Date: Tue Jan 28 2003 - 12:17:54 EST

You've not recently had a good, Oxford-style sandwich: fresh ciabatta
bread, grain mustard, avocado, lemon juice, real cheese, Branston's
pickle... Morton's! Harvey's! Pret-a-Manger! And I'll take Ask Cafe
over Bennigan's any day.

And then there's the Indian food. And the fact that nobody looks at you
funny if you drink wine with lunch.

Of course, I can't say much in defense of Cricket. Would the British
had left blue jeans to us and adopted American football instead.

Il n'y a pas de hors texte,
I am New Mexican and have been eating red and green chile' from my mysty
youth, that is chile with an "e" not that soupy Texas wanna be conconction.
So roast beef with some New Mexico Hatch Green Chile spread all over is
right and proper.  We buy it by the gunny sack (literally).  In fact, I have
a nice ristra hangining outside my door right now.  Scottie, every fast food
joint (McDonald's, Wendy's, Burger King etc) in New Mexico offers green
chile for their hamburgers with certified angus beef.  You can practically
make the selection on the hoof like picking your lobster out of the aquarium
at your seafood joints.
I don't know about Indian food, holy cow!  But a beer with lunch is much
prefferable unless it is homemade wine.  Now english cuisine, since when is
avocados and ciatta bread english?  Bennigan's is not exactly the creme de
la creme of american food.  You need to have a stuffed sopapilla at Stuffies
in Albuquerque or a green chile Lotaburger, or some green chile stew at the
Owl Cafe.  And if you want to know heaven you can order anything off the
menu at Sadie's.  Like an old boss used to say, 'now your cooking with
That is probably the root of Salinger's misgivings with the world, no good
food, which results in good meals which means no good social interaction
which means recluse, hey that's what you get from importing hams from
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