Re: back swot on a British snot

From: Kim Johnson <>
Date: Tue Jan 28 2003 - 13:47:32 EST

--- James Rovira <> wrote:

> >
> By the way, Kim...instead of posting that bad poem
> about a Shelley
> manuscript from that site, you should have posted
> this link instead:

that was the only poem i could think of which fit into
the ongoing thread.

it wasn't that bad. in fact, i get a laugh when corso
thinks about stealing the manuscript--esp. since he
was a petty thief as a young man.

the corso poem i *do* like is 'marriage'.

as for your burrough's: i never could get into him.
in fact, of the beats, only ginsberg (in his earlier
poems: 'howl', 'america', 'kaddish'& some others)
seems to merit accolades.

and we know what jds thought about the beats...


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